There are several ways to order from us:

By Telephone:

(775) 883 - 2590

If you need any type of assistance with parts selection or tech help, ordering over the telephone with one of our sales people is the best choice. Our regular telephone hours are from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, Pacific Standard time. If you are on the east coast (Eastern time,) we are three hours earlier than you, so our telephone hours are 12pm-8pm Eastern time. We believe in old fashioned customer service, and this means we take the time to thoroughly answer any and all questions our customers have. Unfortunately, this also causes our phones to frequently stay very busy. Please be patient and keep trying. We appreciate your business. Our lines tend to be busiest during morning hours, so if you are having trouble getting through, it might help to try when things slow down a bit during the afternoon, about 3-5PM (6-8PM eastern time.) If you know the part numbers you need, and don't need any technical advice, you can also order 24/7 through our online web store (see below.)

We accept Visa and Mastercard over the phone. You will need the 16 digit card number on the front of the card, as well as the expiration date (a four digit number indicating month and year, for example XX/XX) and the 3 digit security code number which will be printed on the back of the card towards the right, near the signature area. We will also require the billing address for the credit card. For fraud protection, we must also ship to this address. To help things go more smoothly, you may also want to spend some time browsing our website before you call, and jot down a list of the part numbers you are interested in. All prices listed on our automated web store are current pricing. 

From Our Automated Web Store:

Our Fully automated web store can be visited at http://store.440source.com This will allow you to order 24/7, check stock in real time, get accurate shipping estimates, etc. The web store is best if you know your part numbers and need no questions or tech help with your order.

By Fax:  

An alternative to ordering over the phone or from our web store is to order by fax. The "order info" section of this web page (listed below) can be printed and used as a blank form to fax in to us. Orders can be faxed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please fax order forms to: (775)883-2421

Please DO NOT send credit card information by email. It is not secure. Credit card information MUST either be sent by fax, entered through our secure web store ordering system, or given over the telephone. 

We typically keep in stock almost all of the items on our website. If any items listed are out of stock, we will call or email to notify you. All prices listed on our website are current pricing. Unless otherwise specified, shipping for domestic orders to the lower 48 US states will be sent FedEx ground. Shipping for international orders will be sent either USPS Priority Mail or FedEx, depending on weight. Please see our "Policies" page if you need more detailed info on shipping, etc.

Please include the following ORDER INFO:

List of part numbers & description.

Visa or Mastercard Credit card number:____________________________________

Expiration Date: (Month/Year)___________________________________________

3 digit number on back of card (on the right)_________________________________


Shipping and Billing address: (This is the address the statement or bill for the above credit card is sent to. For fraud protection, we must also ship to this address.)

Name: ________________________________________



Postal or Zip Code:_______________________________




Telephone Contact Number: ______________________

Contact Email address:___________________________


Thanks again for your order! We appreciate your business.



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